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    Vemma is a liquid that claims to offer nutritional and antioxidant benefits. Vemma stands for vitamins, essential minerals, mangosteen and aloe. Green tea is also a part of the make-up of Vemma. It boasts to carry over 65 minerals and a full spectrum of antioxidant vitamins to increase immunity and body readiness. Studies have been completed with Vemma compared to a placebo or a substance containing no medication.


  • The C-reactive protein is a protein that is present with acute inflammatory conditions and is used as a marker for determining how well an antioxidant is absorbed. According to a study done by Brunswick Laboratories, Vemma recipients showed a lowering of the C-reactive proteins. Also they showed an increase in immunity markers for Vemma recipients when compared to the placebo recipients. After the study, 100 percent of the Vemma recipients reported that they felt their health had been improved by taking Vemma.

Body Readiness

  • Bioavailability known as body readiness is how the body absorbs vitamins, minerals and other drugs. Blood samples of recipients of Vemma were evaluated in a study done by Brunswick Laboratories. The study results showed that Vemma is highly bioavailable allowing the body to absorb vitamins and minerals. Also, it was found to be antioxidant rich when compared to the placebo.


  • Independent lab studies were completed to show how the content of vitamins, minerals and mangosteens in Vemma compared to various products with the same ingredients. Based on the studies Vemma contained more mangosteens per ounce of product than any other product tested. Mangosteens contain xanthones that work as antioxidants and provide nutritional benefits. Therefore, based on the studies, the body receives more antioxidant protection from Vemma.